Did we learn nothing from K-2 Zombies?

NY K2 Spice Zombie

Cheese and rice people! When are people going to understand that there are some things you just can’t bottle. Even with a top of the line copier, the original is always brighter. Marinol (It didn’t work. And it’s weak.), Epidiolex (This still has some hope; however it was reported by NYU that it wasn’t as effective as they had originally hoped for.), the K-2 makers (They made flesh eating zombies… Thanks for the YouTube nightmares), and let’s not forget about all the CBD product posers of the world (many but not all have been reported to be a bunch of snake oil salesmen offering products that don’t even meet the advertised potency level, if at all). Now… Bial, a Portuguese Drug Manufacturing Organization, has taken a stab at it too.

Did Bial make fake weed? Not exactly. What they made was an Endocannabinoid Signaling blocker. The intention was to stop the natural cell breakdown of Cannabinoids. This in turn would be increasing the levels of Cannabinoids in the human body. Sounds great, right? Lets stimulate those CB1 and CB2 receptors… WRONG!

Bial conducted a drug trial through a French firm named BioTrial. It seems that there were 6 participants that were receiving higher doses then the rest of the volunteers. They were all reported to be hospitalized in Rennes, France. What happened? 1 died, reported brain dead. The other 5 lived though… But 4 of the 5 are expected to experience permanent disabilites due to neurological damage caused by the drug.

Cannabinoid Stimulator

Why are we trying to re-create or block the natural processes of something that can easily be stimulated? Plus, I know this one is going to sound crazy… But, it grows on trees. Consumption of Cannabis, no matter the method of ingestion, will naturally increase Cannabinoid levels in the human body while at the same time allowing for our natural cell cycles to occur. Oh well now, that’s just crazy talk! Being all logical and stuff…