RI wants patients to swing by…


So… Not only does Rhode Island want to expand its existing medical cannabis program, they’re looking to share it with any patient rolling through. Let’s not get too excited yet. But, here’s what’s being proposed.

Right now Rhode Island has 3 existing dispensaries, the state under this proposal will be licensing 12 additional facilities to be added to the program. In addition to the added facilities, they are looking to open their program to near by states like Connecticut and Massachusetts. The additional dispensaries are expected to generate and additional 1.1 million in tax dollars from daily sales and hundreds of thousands from out of state patients. Plus, the state will be looking to add chronic pain to their list of qualifying conditions which is expected to add 16,000 patients to their current count of 19,000. That’s almost double.

Rhode Island Gina Governor Raimondo, whom is tabling the proposal, plans on using the funds generated from cannabis expansion for school facilities. Daaaaaamn Gina! You go girl…

But ultimately with Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont on the edge of recreational sales I think states are beginning to give consideration to neighboring competitors and those lost tax dollars.



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