NJ Insurance Pays For Weed

Here’s your notice.

In 2010 New Jersey legalized Medical Cannabis and have since brought their program online with around 12,000 patients. But like in any other state that has a Medical Cannabis program, this medicine is not covered under insurance. However, this is starting to change.

In Egg Harbor New Jersey, there’s this guy Andrew Watson who has a medical condition that is consistent with New Jersey’s list of qualifying conditions and joined the program in 2014. He then looked to his insurance company for coverage of his alternative medicine. Seeking reimbursement, he was more than likely told to “Go Scratch”. So, Watson went and found this lawyer named Philip Faccenda and took it to court before Judge Ingrid L. French, a state administrative law judge from New Jersey. After testimony from both Watson and a local neurologist/psychiatrist, the judge agreed that medical marijuana is indeed medicinal and should be covered by Watson’s insurance company.

Could this be what medical cannabis patients have been waiting for? Is this a new era in alternative medicine? And let us be honest with ourselves, this is better for the patient whom was being perscribed opioids and less expensive for the insurance company. Sounds like a win win if you were to ask me.


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