Applied Agents and Scanners in CO?


Huh? What? Applied agents? Scanners that read them? What type of witchcraft are you devils brewing up?

The state of Colorado is introducing a bill, SB18-029. Now, let me start off by saying I for one have always enjoyed books like 1984 and comics like Transmetropolitan, but not once did I ever say I wanted to live there. Nor do I think any entity should be using these as blueprints to the future. This house bill of evil would require the institute of cannabis research at Colorado state university to develop a marijuana tracking technology agent that is applied to a marijuana plant, marijuana product, industrial hemp, or industrial hemp product and then scanned by a device that can read the agent.

The bill says that the agent can be inserted or applied. Now, more then likely these will be scanner barcode type systems that will be applied to prepackaged products. Everything else on the retail side of thing falls under seed to sale software systems that don’t miss a beat.

But an applied agent is terrifying to me. It just seems odd that with all the testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and molds that an agent would be applied. Wait… let me guess. The agent gets destroyed during consumption and will have no effect on human health.



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