CT doesn’t need more dispensaries, it needs more product.


It was just announced that CT will be accepting applications for 3 more dispensaries. Click here to see official announcement. But is that what the program really needs in CT? There are shortages and inconsistancies in the product lines now. Is it wise to stretch these supplies even further? Here, let me explain.

CT started off with 4 producers and 6 dispensaries. As the patient numbers grew, CT expanded to 4 producers and 9 dispensaries. Now, as the patient numbers keep moving up (MMP Statistics as of 12/31/2017 were 22413 registered patients) CT has decided to expand to 4 producers and 12 dispensaries. Wait a minute here… More outlets?

As it stands now, there is a lack in consistency of products. If the Flabridolican 23 (CT has the dumbest product names in the entire industry) is working great for your condition, it might be 3 months before you see it again, if ever again. It doesn’t happen in all cases, but it does happen. So, how are more outlets going to help more patients without more product? It’s simple. It can’t.  This will only lead to more shortages unless more product is available. This leaves the patient compromised, especially in a state that doesn’t allow patient grow rights.



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