White Durban


The holidays were upon me and I needed something to stay energetic. There were things to do, stuff to gather, and people to see. I needed to be baked out of my mind, yet wide awake. I had to shop for things I didn’t want and speak with those whom should remain unspoken to. I needed to melt but had to keep my wits about me or be swallowed by The Grinch.

All fingers were pointing to this sativa dominant hybrid, White Durban. This is a genetic cross of White Fire OG (Hybrid) and Durbans Poison (Sativa). Upon cracking the container, the pungent nose became present. It was a sweet yet slightly earthy aroma… Present in flavors as well. Colorful flowers with the snowflake crystals gave it a very inviting appeal. The flowers still had some moisture to them allowing for a slower burn in a cone. Nice flavor with a slow burn… Beautiful.

The sensation left me feeling quite uplifted. To say it made me feel energetic would be an understatement. It was go time. All missions completed with full satisfaction all around. Tree, lights, decorations, food, gifts, and a happy room full of relatives. Yah… I have no idea what we talked about.

AKA Sativarin W produced by Advanced Grow Labs

Total THC 26.48%

Total CBD <.1%

Total CBG 1.27%

b-Pinene .13%

b-Myrcene .22%

Limonene .94%

b-Caryophyllene .74%

Humulene .11%


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