Complications For Patients Without Grow Rights

Stop putting patients in jail.

As more and more states roll out medical cannabis programs, there is one thing that they all have in common. NO GROW RIGHTS! This can lead to some problems for patients such as outragious pricing, supply issues, and legal complications. Patients should have a right to grow their own medicine.

Maryland is opening dispensaries and has claimed that one ounce of Cannabis will sell for $680.00. Well now… That’s just god damn crazy talk. This isn’t plutonium. Who do you guys think you are selling this stuff too? And on top of it all, a patient cannot grow their own medicine. It appears that as new states bring on medical cannabis programs, this is becoming the norm.

Supply chain will continuously be an issue. If a patient finds a strain that works great for them, it may not be there the next time they arrive at their local dispensary. This can be seen time and time again in programs that restrict patients to only buying from manufacturers that end up with ungodly production costs that are ultimately weighed on the backs of the patients. With grow rights, a patient would have the ability to have the same strain year round and help lower their costs.

Patients that grow within the states that do not allow a patient to cultivate their own medicine could be placing themselves in legal jeopardy and endangering their general health (There is no Cannabis in prison). Patients that cultivate their own Cannabis and get caught in these areas that have no grow rights are facing some serious legal issues. It’s even happening in my backyard here in CT.

Back in June 2016 Norman Plude (A CT Medical Cannabis Patient) was paid a visit by police and was arrested for cultivation. Norman juices Raw Cannabis (Click Here To Learn More) to resolve muscle spasticity. However, raw products are not available in the CT program and high end flower goes for around $400 an ounce (most CT patients get an allotted amount of 2.5oz per month which would cost about $1,000.00). That’s some expensive juice. But because he took his health into his own hands, he’s looking at a 68 year sentence and could use some help with legal costs. You can help by clicking here.

If there is a recreational market, I say sure… Charge that $680 ounce. Hopefully, a lot of that is tax dollars that can be used to fund useful projects. Like, I don’t know… Schools, police, firemen, and maybe some community art programs. Just to name a few. But this shouldn’t be done on the backs of ill. Let the patients grow. This helps them to reduce expenses and helps to insure consistent supply. Patients like Norman shouldn’t be painted as criminals when they are simply trying to maintain their well-being.


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