You’re either with me or against me…


I think it’s just like the old saying goes… “You’re either with me, or against me.” I really think that this is the mindset of most, especially when it comes to ANY sort of legalization of Cannabis, medical or recreational. Most people already have their minds made up. It’s not likely that anyone is riding the fence on this issue, there is no real gray area here. In my opinion, those who claim to be undecided on the issue have already made up their minds, they’re simply looking for more data to reinforce what they already believe to be true. That’s if people are even giving it that much thought.

Most of those who are opposed to the legalization of Cannabis offer information found in Reefer Madness or want to talk about the asphyxiation of monkeys. And more than likely, someone will throw around “The Gateway Drug” theory. We’re talking about REALLY outdated information that has been debunked over time, yet still somehow it becomes part of the argument. Why? Because their mind is already made up. What can you do to change the mindset of a person who thinks like this?

A continued dialogue on Cannabis is still needed. Not necessarily to change minds, but to bring together the likeminded and answer the inquiries of the curious. It is the likeminded that will push for what you want, because they want it too. And you must take those likeminded people and make them your doctor, lawyer, mayor, governor, or president. Or maybe they just become your friend or neighbor.

Don’t bother trying to change the mind of the old bearded stuffed shirt that’s still thinks if a person smokes cannabis that their feet will fall off because that’s what their gym teacher told them in high school. If that’s your doctor, find a new one. If that’s your lawyer, get a new one. If that’s your elected official, show them you mean business in the next election.