Coffee anyone?


Flower Power Coffee Company. Straight out of Glendale NY, this company brings infusion to coffee and caramels and they are just oh so yummy. All of the products that come out of this little coffee company are Cannabidiol (CBD) infused. They won’t get you high or make you fail a drug test but you can still get all the benefits of the anti-inflammatory and anti-spastic properties that it holds.

I received a happy care package and couldn’t open it fast enough to see what was inside. I had been given 3 packages of coffee and 2 packages of caramels.

It completely fit its description.


The first one I tried was The Costa Rican Coffee. It is refered to as “The Clean Cup” and I totally understand why. Not only did it match the description exactly to the letter, but I had found that there was no real after taste. It had a quick finish. The flavor didn’t linger, it rolled across my pallet as the coffee flowed through. I drank 30 of the 36 fl oz taking on 25mg of CBD.



These things were gone in like 10 seconds.


The next treat to be tried was the salted caramels. Believe I am sincere when I say “These are so GOOD they’re sinful.” I destroyed the package of 3 like some sort of deranged animal that hadn’t eaten in days. They were REALLY good and had a great balance of salty and sweet. Truly scrumptious. I ate all 3 which equals 15mg of CBD.



This one is great as an after dinner treat.


Back to the brewer… With The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Again, matching it’s description perfectly. I really enjoyed the mild flavor and the creamy body, very nice texture. Very enjoyable and would go nicely after a fine dessert. I again consumed 30 of the 36 fl oz taking in 25mg of CBD.






Then along came the chocolatey goodness of the Mocha Caramel. These went quickly as well, however I took an extra moment or 2 to savor the flavor. Rich in the flavors of coffee and chocolate but not too sweet. This was a truly tasty treat, I ate all 3 taking in 15mg of CBD.



In a NY state of mind…


So… I’ve saved, what I feel is the best for last. The NY Signiture Blend Coffee. Darker roast with a fuller flavor that was slighty sweet and very smooth. This one was a great “pick-me-up” that would go great with a good breakfast. This time I drank everything. There wasn’t a drop left. 30mg of CBD consumed.




So, all the products that came to me (which is currently their entire menu) were all super fantastic. And the one thing I forgot to mention is that everything is reasonably priced. Nothing exceeds $15.00. Check these guys out… They’re pretty awesome.