Carmel Candy Kush Review


Go home CT, you’re drunk! You guys have this one listed as an Indica, it’s a Hybrid. Carmel Candy Kush is a cross of Pre98 Bubba Kush and Ms Universe and is just oh so tastey. The plant may show physical signs of being Indica dominate, but the sensations say otherwise…

Out of the container, earthy aromas filled the air. Viewing the product, purples and greens cover the flowers with dark orange highlights resembling caramel. The crystals that entombing the flower looked carmelized as well, giving it an appearance of candy. When the flower was cracked in half it was purple to the core. Bright purple too, it reminded me of a morning glory. So overall, it both looked and smelled great. The curb side appeal gets a thumbs up.

I dropped a couple of nuggets into my grinder and had an explosive break up. I was impressed, hands down. Is that a hint of vanilla in the air now? Hmmmm… My mouth now waters with images of carmel candies dancing in my brain.

So I quickly made a paper wrapped missle with intentions of a small inferno. Upon inhale it was a sweet flavor that was also a bit on the earthy side. It kind of reminded me of a good coffee with a hint of vanilla on the exhaust.

It was a good mix of head and body sensations. Very euphoric and very relaxing. Absolute Calm. It even left me feeling a bit on the cheerful side. I enjoyed it so much I rolled 2.

Hybrid Strain Carmel Candy Kush
(aka Suchinose by Theraplant and listed as an Indica)
THC 0.200%
THCA 24.500%
THCV <0.100%
Total THC 24.700%
CBD <0.100%
CBDA 0.100%
Total CBD 0.100%
Alpha Pinene 0.022%
Beta Pinene 0.044%
Beta Myrcene 0.012%
Limonene 0.116%
Ocimene <0.001%
Linalool 0.050%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.168%
Humulene 0.048%