Starkiller. The Force is strong with this one…


There I was… Just chillin’ on Tatooine farming some moisture when suddenly I could feel a ripple in the force. As quickly as as the ripple was felt, there she was. I was face to face with her. The Force is strong with this one. Her name was StarKiller. Gooey and green like a beautiful Twi’leks. I couldn’t tell if she was light side or dark… But she smelled earthy and a little fruity, so I lit her on fire.

I breath deep… Cloves and lemons come across the pallet like a Jedi Force Push. Thick rich smoke and the flavors lasted throughout the session. And after a series of small fires, she was gone. Now one with The Force.

StarKiller was gone, but so was I. I ended with dry mouth, dry eyes, completely unmotivated with heavy eye lids, and the hunger of Jabba. So I completely embraced it. I chowed on some thin mint cookies and watched Rogue One and called it a night. I am one with The Force… And my pillow.

Indica Strain StarKiller
(aka Fioraden A from CT Pharmacutical Solutions)
THC 0.18%
THCA 27.11%
THCV 0.00%
Total THC 27.29%
CBD 0.00%
CBDA 0.00%
Total CBD 0.00%
Beta Myrcene 0.94%
Limonene 1.73%
Beta Caryophyllene 1.21%
Humulene 0.45%