Colorado Flo


This round… I reached out into the cannabis universe with hopes of a brain booster. I was looking for a real “pick me up”. The menu at my local dispensary had Colorado Flo on the menu. I’ve had it in the past and always enjoyed the flavor of this flower.

The aroma was slightly fuely. It didn’t seem as pungent as some of the flowers I had experienced in the past, but maybe my nose is broken at this point. Lush emerald flowers with fine lucents that twinkled in the light were on display giving it a very kind visual appeal.

I put it in my grinder to prepare for combustion. Once it was all broken up there was more of that fuely smells I’ve come accustomed to. Spin it, lick it, and bic it. FIRE!

It burned quite nicely and had a rich fuely flavor (like it’s supposed to). I could taste it on my tongue and smell it in my nose as it burned away… Then it hit me in the head.

The sensation had completly taken up residency in my braincase. It didn’t leave me tired at all. GREAT for day time use and all the pistons are firing.

Strain Colorado Flo (AKA Aniva produced by Theraplant)
THC 0.300%
THCA 27.900%
THCV <0.100%
Total THC 28.2%
CBD <0.100%
CBDA 1.100%
Total CBD 1.100%
Alpha Pinene 0.118%
Beta Pinene 0.158%
Beta Myrcene 0.175%
Limonene 0.715%
Ocimene 0.013%
Linalool 0.079%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.310%
Humulene 0.120%



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