Let Freedom Ring…


The Boston Freedom Rally. It’s the largest event of its kind on the east coast. And really… What better place in the world to have it other than the Historical Boston Common? This is where the revolution started. Only here can one stand in establishments that are older then the country that they’re in With the ghosts of Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and George Washington, where they clanged their steins to freedom. Yah baby… Let Freedom Ring!

Main Stage of The Boston Freedom Rally Sept 16, 2017.

The field was packed right out of the gate. The Common had been flooded by counter culture. Attendees from all walks of life were in attendance. Some made the pilgrimage from as far as California. Media outlets, clothing makers, glass makers, activists, ALL KINDS of cannabis products, food vendors, and live acts playing throughout the day on 2 stages. All while the scent of cannabis permeated the air from dawn until dusk. At one point I was wondering is I was even breathing air anymore. Smells like Freedom.


A cough syrup style cannabis product that has 500mg of THC per container.

As far as the products that are out in the universe from the cannabis culture… Everything THC/CBD and hemp that is available on earth finds it’s way to the vending areas of this event. There’s so much stuff it can become easily overwhelming. Lights, dirt, bowls and bongs of all shapes, sizes, and colors, vapes, soaps, oils, gummies that will give you an out of body experience, cough syrups, and even god damn sports drinks. Sure… Why not take an anti inflammatory after a workout? All this while vendors yelled things like “I only have one 1/4 of Diesel left! Who wants it?!?” Music to my ears. Sounds like Freedom.


RI Gorilla Glue

The best product of the day was a blunt of Gorilla Glue brought by some RI caregivers. Normally, I’m just a paper kind of guy… But this knocked my socks off and my shoes. Both the smell and taste was amazing and I found myself during several points in time just staring off into space smiling for no reason at all. That’s good Cannabis. Good job guys.


The Devil’s Kettle Corn

Then, there were the food vendors. Behold… The Devil’s Kettle Corn. We had come arcoss a vendor that offered fine lemonades and kettle corn. So, like a fool I grab a bag of this evil stuff. I knew it was evil the moment it touched my lips. The others were non-believers until they had a taste for themselves. That’s when the frenzy occured. We were like savage animals that had made a fresh kill after being famished for days. Good times. Yummy… A taste of Freedom.


In the end, this is a true Cannabis Carnival. Something everyone should experience at least once. It was a great day, with really great people. I met many new friends and had a REALLY great time. We’ll see you again next year for one more turn in the Revolution.


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