United… But confused maybe? Or is this the way it should be?


As displayed in the map provided by NORML, all but 4 states have some sort of cannabis law reform on the books. Everyone either has a medical cannabis program, medical CBD program, hemp industry, has decriminalized, or has just gone straight up legal. All but 4 states… And it’s still illegal under Federal Law? With all but 4 states having something on the books? Plus they own US Patent Number 06630507. Huh? My brain hurts. Is this how it needs to be? Is this how it should be?

Yes, it’s so weird it has to be repeated. 46 states plus Washington DC all have some sort on cannabis law on the books while it remains a Schedule 1 Drug (no medical value) on a federal level (and they own the patent on it). Yup, I died and went to Bizarro World. Or did I?

Maybe Jenji Kohan spelled it out for the world in the series finale of her hit series Weeds. At the end of the series it heavily hinted to the fact that each state had its own deal… Kind of like now. Why would the feds legalize? They can strip companies more then 1/2 of their earings. (See 280E Article) So now it comes down to what states will allow, local custom. Some states have medical programs, some let you grow, some are full blown legal while others have absolutely nothing.

If a person hates Cannabis, one could always choose to move to a place like South Dakota or Idaho. While if an individual wants Cannabis growing in their living room like house plants, one could always relocate to a place like California or Maine. This is America, right? We have choices. Plus by the fed keeping it illegal keeps them in compliance with their UN agreement signed in 1961 (Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs). So maybe this is as good as it gets. Similar to The Opium Act of 1919 in the Netherlands, where it’s not legal but tolerated. And maybe the best anyone can hope for are looser conditions on local levels.