Dirty Balls.


The Connecticut Epilepsy Foundation hosted its 31st annual mud volleyball tournament on August 19 2017 to raise awareness and raise donations for epilepsy research. The people came out in hordes, ready to get down and dirty… Literally. I felt the cannabis community needed to be represented, so I went for my 3rd year in a row.

Team Cyndimae was the team I was on… The team is a memorial to Cyndimae Meehan.  She passed away in 2016 and was a CT cannabis refugee who had moved to Maine with her mother for a certain type of cannabis concentrate which was not only outlawed in CT at the time, but when CT first implemented its medical cannabis program it didn’t include pediatrics. With a team coordinated by Cindy Day of HempCT, for the third year in a row, a group of media outlets, headshops, dispensaries, and advocacy groups sponsored the team representing the cannabis community. And considering the headway cannabis has made in the fight against epilepsy over the years, we needed to be there… It helps to keep the conversation going and I’m always meeting new parents with epileptic children looking for guidance or understanding. And being the parent of an epileptic child…This is why I am here.

There was mud in the eye, tears in the slime, and major hotties hanging by the firehose getting sprayed down while classic rock blasted in the air. And considering 90% of the team were also CT cannabis patients, we stayed melted between sets. Good times, with good people, for a good cause. Plus there was good grub out of the food trucks. We didn’t win but we made it into the playoffs. (This is huge considering that over the last 2 years we’ve only won a single game.)


Photos by:
Jessica Watson
Cindy Day