A Review of Cold Creek Kush


Cold Creek Kush, sounds like a Colorado Micro Brew.

Out of the container it gave an earthy/spicy aroma. It had a really strong nose too, rich and pungent. I really liked that. Then pouring it out onto my preparation tray the flowers were entrancing with crystals and PURPLE. And man oh man, I sure do love purple…

Once the flowers were broken up, it looked much darker and gave a slightly sweeter nose. Sweet is good too. Now off to a paper.

Combustion is my preference for ingestion. I really feel you get the full flavor and sensations of the flower with this method. What can I say? I’m a traditionalist.

Once the fires were burning the air was filled with a spicy/sweet aroma. On the inhale a spicy/earthy flavor filled  my taste buds while leaving a slightly sweet aftertaste on the expell. Not harsh at all, in fact it was very smooth for the length of the entire session of consumption.

In the end, this was a nice Indica flower. Classic Indica sensations leaving the world slightly heavier and just a bit further away then normal. Very enjoyable and great for night time usage. Extremely relaxing. On a side note, it was very reasonably priced so it is likely to end up in the medicine cabinet again.

Strain: Cold Creek Kush (aka Quintica T20 Thereplant) Indica
THC 0.200%
THCA 19.300%
THCV <0.100%
Total THC 19.500%
CBD <0.100%
CBDA 0.100%
Total CBD 0.100%
Alpha Pinene 0.013%
Beta Pinene 0.029%
Beta Myrcene 0.035%
Limonene 0.056%
Ocimene 0.002%
Linalool 0.037%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.153%
Humulene 0.045%



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