Fortunate Youth’s top 3 favorite strains

– Strain: Thai OG
Genetics: Thai x OG KushBreeder: N/A

The infamous OG Thai has been a very popular strain among OG Kush fanatics for quite sometime. When properly cultivated it can level up with some of the best OG’s around today,having personally tried this myself I can assure you Thai OG is that true fire.The buds are beautiful and shimmer with massive amounts of weaving trichome heads. OG Thai nuggets are super dense and often hold darker green hues with lighter pinkish, to bright orange hairs from the OG Kush dominance. If you have the real thing, you’ll know right away from the lemon-lime, pine sol fuel, cherrywood smell that is very distinct to this strain.

This is the perfect strain for anyone who has trouble seating because it really gives you the munchies with a mixed indica/sativa blend. I’d also recommend this strain to patients who often suffer through migraines, it will battle the attributing nausea and calms inflammation.

– Strain: Tangie
Genetics: California Orange x Skunk Breeder: DNA Genetics

The hype surrounding Tangie is so real, and in many way’s itlevels right up with its top shelf reputation. This refreshingly fruity strainis unmistakable, as it absolutely reeks of nectarines with undertones of musky,freshly sprayed skunk and tastes just the same, with those pungent lingeringblends. DNA Genetics and Crockett found a real gem with this pheno. The budsare slightly dense and pine green, often embedded with brick orange hairs andwhite tints from great resin production.

This Sativa dominant strain is great for anyone in search ofcreativity and inspiration, the citrus aromas alone can bring about calmingfeelings. It’s also a suggested flower for veterans who have served our countryand going through P.T.S.D symptoms on a regular basis, or for anyone whobattles anxiety, depression or cluster migraine headaches.

– Strain: White Widow
Genetics: Brazilian Sativa Landrace x Southern Indian Indica Hybrid Breeder: Greenhouse Seeds

The world wide known andappreciated, White Widow is perhaps one of the most legendary strains evercreated for our pleasure since the 1990s. Greenhouse Seeds outdid themselveswith this one after its creation in 1995 and since White Widow has become afoundation strain for breeding strains like White Russian, Blue Widow and WhiteRhino. White Widow has a tighter bud structure and a pleasant, earthy, pine,wood taste and smell.

You can certainly tell this strain is a Sativa with its massive head high, which rockets you to the clouds without the anxiety because of the indica tendencies. This strain also gives you a fair amount of energy and a highly euphoric buzz. White Widow is a true appetite enhancer, so I’d recommend it to anyone who suffers through severe nausea, crohns or wasting syndrome. It’s also a great strain for enhancing social events and overall creativity.