Traveling With Your Medicine.


Releaf Media JOHN WATKINS  8\9\17

Traveling with your medicine isn’t always the best idea. The laws that a medical cannabis patient have to protect them only protect them where they reside. But in transit, not so much…

If you can, you should wait until you get to your destination to aquire your medicine. Considering there are 9 areas of the country now that offer recreational use, just go there. Don’t travel with it, just pick something up when you get there. California, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington, Nevada, and D.C. are ALL amazing places to visit with TONS of stuff to do and all have legal Cannabis.

Meanwhile in NJ, an MMJ patient (63yr old female college professor) from Maine was cuffed and detained but not arrested at the Newark Liberty Airport for possessing a small quantity of medical cannabis. After several hours she was released and no charges were filed, but what a pain…

Honestly, the only saving grace here was that the medical cannabis patient from Maine was in another Medical Cannabis state. An individual is always going to be subjected to local custom, regardless of where they came from.  In Alabama, Cannabis possession is a felony… so don’t go there with your medicinal cannabis. At least don’t go there thinking you can medicate on the fly.

Just keep in mind that the laws that apply to your Medical Cannabis card are laws that apply to you local area and those protections don’t follow you around because you carry a card. You will always be subject to the local/federal customs.


    • Thank you Christina. It tends to be a commonly asked question from patients. So, I just hope this brings some understanding… That fact of the matter is, the law doesn’t follow you around. One must abide by local custom.