Puff CO Pen Review


Transportation of your precious cargo can be tricky if you don’t have the right equipment. Glass isn’t just expensive—it’s your pride and joy, your baby, and a beautiful work of art worth protecting. Whether it’s a short drive or a road trip, the turtle case has you covered. They’re solid and secure, available in multiple sizes and colors, and are even padlock compatible. It has an airtight and waterproof shell, an anti-static foam lid, base, and insert. Bulk up your case and accessorize with your choice of eggshell or pluck out foam insert. Classic eggshell is sure to protect, but the pluck out is revolutionary. The insert is “pre-cut” and you literally pluck out the little cubes to foam to match the exact shape of your glass! It’s the perfect fit every time. Want to switch glass out? Just replace the foam pieces to customize the layout for an unlimited variety of www.puffco.com


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