Coughn Pack


The Coughn Pack is the first back-pack of its kind to storm the gates of the 710 community. The Coughn and decked-out “SarCOUGHagus” packs are designed and made solely in Colorado. They’re 100% padded with hemp and are shaped like a coffin (hence the name). My pack has literally gone to every event with me this summer. I like the fact that you can shape the Velcro compartments to securely fit your rig, the dabber holders and mesh holders for your medicine. Coughn Pack’s patented “goo rags” come in different colors and they’ve become essential during many sessions without a dab rag, just as their matching water bottle has for quenching my thirst in between globs. I recommend this back-pack for any true resin-head who is always carrying their pieces around. It’s comfortable to wear, stylish and can fit everything you need in one shot, unlike a pelican case. Coughn will also be dropping their collaboration hat with Grassroots California very soon. You can find out more about the Coughn Pack by visiting them on face book or online at


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