Lexican Review (Lemon Skunk)



LEMONS! Lemons! lemons… That’s all I can smell or taste with this one.

This Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions masterpiece Lexican is also known as Lemon Skunk. With Limonene coming in at .12% and Linalool at .33%, this is certainly a citrusy monument to the cannabis craft. I have to admit, they did a really nice job with this strain and I found to be quite enjoyable.

After removing a few small flowers from the container, I could see that it had very nice colors and more crystals than a geode. The small selection was placed in a grinder with the intentions of a pinner. The small flowers exploded into something slightly larger then anticipated, so don’t be fooled by the tight small flowers. They expand when breaking apart. Nice slow burn too by the way…

Sativa flowers tend to make me feel more “up” and tend to make me want to write, draw, or maybe go for a walk… But at 31.02% the Lexican had me polar opposite. It’s a total brain burner. I had completely melted and absolutely nothing came to mind. However, I had complete focus on my video game. Very relaxing and de-stressing yet didn’t leave me tired (that’s a good sativa).

The Lexican (Lemon Skunk) was found to be both enjoyable and very flavorful. Great for easing the mind and gaining focus.

Size 3.5g
Strain Sativa
THC 1.13%
THCA 29.89%
THCV 0.00%
Total THC 31.02%
CBD 0.00%
CBDA 0.00%
Total CBD 0.00%
Beta Myrcene 0.02%
Limonene 0.12%
Linalool 0.33%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.52%
Humulene 0.36%
Guaiol 0.21%
Trans-Nerolidol 0.12%
Trans-Beta-Farnesene 2.29%


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