Black Review (Rare Darkness)


I purchased a 3.5g container from a local CT Dispensary. Black (Curaleaf) was it’s name… I simply couldn’t resist the title. The lineage of the seed is referred to as Rare Darkness. You grabbed me by my “Dark Side”, so I just had to get it. When I opened the container I saw dark green and purple flowers highlighted with orange hairs and it had a spicy nose. Nice tight flower that exploded when broken up.¬†Once it went through the grinder there was a sweeter aroma in the air. Very pleasing smells…

My delivery method was standard combustion, I’m a traditionalist. Spicy and earthy tasting on the inhale and slightly sweet on the exhaust while catching a grape/berry favor almost as if on the back of the throat, tasting the ‘berries’ when swallowing. Very smooth with a nice slow burn.

Very relaxing sensations came as an end result and made it easy to sleep. It increased my appetite and instilled dry-mouth and red-eye. Not a real motivator(which can be a good thing).

Size 3.5g
Strain Indica
THC 0.53%
THCA 22.41%
Total THC 22.94%
CBD 0%
Total CBD 0%


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