Daxotone T19 Review (Blueberry x Starfighter)


Purchased at a reasonable price in a 3.5 gram container. Once I got the product home I was faced with a pungent aroma upon opening the container, very earthy. This was surprising because many terps in this strain reported in at less then one percent. None of the flowers in the container were larger then a nickel, so they were on the smaller side but still very pretty and looking very frosty. Method of ingestion was a small joint, hand rolled. Once lit the flavors pointed to more Starfighter then Blueberry. Slight berry flavor on the exhaust, mostly piney and kind of woody as far as the flavor goes. Indica dominant leaving a less heady feeling but making the world around me just a little heavier and slightly further away. VERY relaxing. Great for evening usage. I would definitely purchase again… ^Thumbs Up^

CT Lab results of Daxotone T19

Size 3.5g
Strain Indica
THC 0.38%
THCA 18.79%
Total THC 19.17%
Beta Myrcene 0.08%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.08%
Humulene 0.08%


    • Thanks Keith. I have to agree… There are many number chasers in the universe. I am not one of them, never was. There are many other variables to be considered, like flavor for example. There could be a terp that may add to the overall experience.


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