Testing cannabis on the go


cannabistestTesting Cannabis On-The-Go is Now a Reality

Culture Magazine – ireadculture – 09/26/16

Testing cannabis has just gotten a lot more convenient with the MyDx Anazlyer and CannaDx Sensor Kit. This pocket-sized cannabis testing machine has the ability of testing a cannabis flower’s chemical composition of cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBN, THC and THCV. The device is also able to recognize more than 20 terpenes present in the flower, some of which are alpha-pinene, linalool, myrcene, beta caryophyllene and limonene.

Having the ability to test the exact chemical profile of a strain will help consumers predict what type of effect they will get upon consumption. This is because cannabinioids and terpenes are the active compounds of cannabis. That means they’re responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive and therapeutic effects.

The device also connects with your cell phone, so you’re able to track the results of each strain in addition to whether or not it delivers the desired effects you were looking for in the MyDx profile.

Users can track strains on the MyDx profile, and they can also find the perfect strain for them by highlighting what type of ailment they are trying to relieve from anxiety and pain to epilepsy. MyDx Profile even has an option for users to add a custom ailment.

The MyDx profile allows the user to track if their symptoms were better or worse with each strain, as well as the ways it made them feel regarding their happiness, energy, focus, relaxation and more.

This device was created to help further the positive development of the cannabis industry. The MyDx website explains how they plan to empower the industry, “We do so by providing the easiest-to-use and most reliable portable cannabis analyzer. This gives manufacturers, distributors, regulators, and consumers the information they need to make smarter decisions about their cannabis. In doing so, we hope to establish cannabis as a legitimate medicine as well as to help legitimize the industry as a whole.”


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