Cannabis giving mental & physical benefits when it comes to fitness


crossfit-athletes-are-using-cannabis-to-improve-their-workouts-3CROSSFIT ATHLETES USING CANNABIS TO IMPROVE THEIR WORKOUTS

Green Rush Daily-Lindsey Lewis-7/17/16

Due to stereotypes associated with marijuana, cannabis users are often not thought of as the most athletic people in society. Instead, they are portrayed a lazy, couch potatoes who munch on Doritos all day.  As the legalization and the popularity of cannabis continues to grow, however, this stereotype is beginning to change. It is becoming more and more common to see athletes supplementing their diet with cannabis to aid in their training. CrossFit athletes, in particular, are seeing significant results when they add cannabis to their fitness routine.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a unique form of exercise that has gained a lot of hype, especially over the last decade. Workouts incorporate a wide variety of activities including gymnastics, weightlifting, running, jumping rope, plyometric, rowing and much more.

The goal of CrossFit is to do each movement with as much intensity as possible, whether that be completing as many repetitions in the shortest amount of time, lifting the heaviest amount of weight, or running the longest distance at the quickest pace. When done consistently and adequately, athletes have seen great results.

Cannabis Provides Physical Benefits to CrossFit Athletes:

CrossFit is an excellent choice for athletes looking to gain strength and stamina, but sometimes achieving such high fitness goals comes at a price. Due to the high intensity of each workout, it can be especially taxing and often painful on the body. Many of these athletes face grueling workouts every day, so it’s important that they do all they can to recover from each workout  and alleviate much of the pain as they can.

Cannabis has long been known to alleviate pain so it’s no surprise that CrossFit athletes are making cannabis a regular part of their fitness routine. Some athletes prefer to use cannabis as a post workout aid to help ease the pain, while athletes have found cannabis to be extremely helpful before and during their workout.

Athletes have found that if they use cannabis before they begin a workout, they do not feel as much pain as they would have otherwise. This allows them to push themselves harder during workouts, and train for longer periods of time.

Cannabis Provides Mental Benefits to CrossFit Athletes:

In addition to helping CrossFit athletes on a physical level, cannabis also helps the athletes with mental focus. The high intensity of each workout requires 100% attention. The moves often require lifting heavy amount of weight, which if done incorrectly can result in injury. This is why it’s crucial that athletes remain focused throughout their entire workout.

Many CrossFit athletes have found that cannabis helps them be more alert and have better focus when they workout, which helps ensure they perform each move accurately and safely.

Unlike going for a jog, or a bike ride which use the same muscle movement the entire time, CrossFit incorporates a number of different moves in each workout, which requires great focus. For example, one workout might need, sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, and weight lifting all in the same workout. Alternating between such different moves at a quick pace can be mentally challenging. CrossFit athletes have found cannabis to be a successful aid to help them remain focused as they move quickly through each movement.




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