Cannabis Great For Migraines!


marijuana-migrainesMedical Marijuana Proves Useful In Treating Migraines: Cannabis May Greatly Reduce The Occurrence Of Headaches

By- Chrissie Williams   July 2, 2016

Medical marijuana can help prevent migraine headaches, according to Tech Times. The study revealed that those who used cannabis saw a reduction in migraine headaches, and those who continued to suffer from migraines reported their pain was less severe.

For those who experience headaches, they know the pain all too well. The pain is debilitating, and it can knock you off your feet for days. As migraine sufferers search for a cure — it looks like the treatment could have been sitting before them all along. However, there’s a catch: the one thing that can ease the pain of migraines is illegal in many areas of the United States.

The study participants inhaled marijuana as the treatment, as edibles took longer to take effect. Out of 121 subjects, only 15 persons had no change in their pain with cannabis treatment. One of the participants noted that the most interesting part of the study was the healing properties of marijuana to be able to control the migraines. She cannot remember the last time she had a migraine, as long as she partakes in her daily “medicine.”

Three people out of the study reported an increase in migraines after treatment. The researchers found that for some people, marijuana made the migraines worse. They couldn’t explain why because most of the research has pointed to the conclusion that the migraines should decrease, significantly.

Before starting the study, participants claimed to have more than 15 migraines per month. After completing the medical marijuana treatment clinical study, the participants claimed to have only one to two migraines per month. In fact, marijuana was able to do what no other pharmaceutical medicine could do in the past: almost entirely take away the migraine headaches (for most people). Is it possible the cure to migraines could be none other than cannabis?

The study found that there is a link between serotonin levels and headaches, although the researchers are not entirely sure how they are connected just yet. Migraines are believed to be caused by deficits in the endocannabinoid system, the place where moods, appetite, and digestion are regulated.

Laura believes that her study will pave the way for legalization of medical marijuana, or, at least, warrant further in-depth studies. Even though medical marijuana has therapeutic value in treating migraines, the experts caution against self-medicating yourself. Marijuana, in general, carries a risk with usage both legal and medical. No drug can be used without risk, and even though it is considered a natural drug, it still carries a serious health hazard.

For many states, cannabis is still illegal. People flock to the legal states to see if they can get their hands on marijuana to see if it will help with their chronic pain — from migraines to back pain. The experts aren’t sure if marijuana will help migraines long-term but feel confident it could be a short-term solution.

The real question is, what are the long-term effects of using marijuana, even if used for medical reasons? Experts claim that it can be habit-forming, and urge their patients not to smoke the substance because it carries a risk of a decrease in lung function. Even though the media has promoted cannabis as being natural, and non-habit forming, the researchers claim that for some people they can become dependent on it, and it can become difficult to get off the drug.


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