Former Pro-Cyclist Goes Into C02 Extraction


57034494_1_670Floyd Landis starts cannabis product business in Colorado

Cycling News-6/24/16

Controversial former rider to produce vape and edible cannabis products

Recreational use of cannabis and was made legal in 2014 in Colorado, sparking a multi-million dollar industry. Anyone over the age of 21 can grow, possess and consume a small amount of the drug, with a wide range of products now available.

According to a press release obtained by Cyclingnews, Landis plans to specialize in products containing cannabis oil sourced from high altitude growers using an industry leading, pharmacy grade CO2 extraction process.

The press release says “the uniquely formulated vape and edible products are crafted for an enhanced consumer experience and are carefully prepared by licensed pharmacists to maximize the many health benefits of recreational cannabis.”

Landis won Tour de France in 2006 but then lost his title after testing positive for an irregular testosterone ratio. He denied doping for several years but then confessed in 2011, leading to Armstrong’s fall and eventual confession.

Since quitting professional cycling, Landis has been fighting a whistle blower legal battle with Lance Armstrong but seems set to start a new career as high-­quality cannabis products producer in Colorado. The Floyd’s of Leadville has already created a website and social media accounts.

“I am really excited about this new phase of my life. The cannabis industry is growing fast and I am fortunate to have this opportunity to play a role,” Landis is quoted as saying in the press release announcing his new company and career.

Landis sees the mission of the company as dual­-faceted, both as a producer of premium products and as a supporter of alternatives to addictive painkillers. He has often endured chronic pain due to suffering with osteonecrosis in his hip. Landis underwent hip replacement surgery in 2006.

“The therapeutic uses for cannabis can’t be ignored. For years I relied on opioid pain relievers to treat my hip pain. With cannabis, I find that I can manage my pain and have a better quality of life. We need to give people a safer alternative,” the press release states Landis as saying.

Floyd’s of Leadville will host its product launch on Thursday June 30 at Club Vinyl in Denver, Colorado.


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