Canna Care Cards in Jeopardy???



Medical Marijuana Doctor Has License Suspended, Clinic Under Investigation After Death of Massachusetts State Trooper
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 By: Mikey Perry

(If any Canna Care patients end up having their licenses revoked, or at the very least worried that it will happen to them, True Herbal Consults is a Medical Marijuana Consulting and Renewal office in Massachusetts able to take any Massachusetts patients in need. 

They have offices located at 360 W. Boylston Street, Suite 210 in West Boylston, MA and also at 25 N. Main Street, Suite 101 in Fall River, MA & 269 Washington street Somerville MA 02121. They can be reached at 617-401-5295.)

Dr. John C. Nadolny, of Canna Care Docs, a medical marijuana evaluation clinic with locations all over Massachusetts, (and in at least 6 other states) had his license suspended on May 26 by The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, after being tied to a man that struck and killed State Trooper Thomas Clardy.

State Trooper Clardy was making a routine traffic stop on March 16 and was struck from behind by David Njuguna, 30, of Webster, while he sat stationary in his cruiser. Njuguna tested positive for marijuana at the time.

A thorough investigation of Njuguna led officials to Canna Care Docs, the clinic that gave him access to medical marijuana. Now they are under investigation.

Dr. Nadolny, the medical director of Canna Care Docs has had his license temporarily suspended for, according to The Boston Globe, breaking protocols multiple times over the course of issuing 5,792 medical marijuana certificates.

“Canna Care is cooperating fully with the investigation into Mr. Njuguna.  Canna Care stands behind its medical staff and insures all state government regulations are complied with,” Michael Maloney, attorney for Canna Care Docs, told Fox 25.

Canna Care owner Kevin Kafka told FOX25 Investigates he is not aware of any state investigations into any of its other doctors and defended the prohibited practice of nurse practitioners approving medical marijuana patients

Canna Care Docs has also hired public crisis relations firm, Ball Consulting Firm, to help handle the situation.

“Canna Care Docs will continue to fully cooperate with any investigative authority relating to its practice of medicine,” said Kafka. “We are not aware at this time of any inquiry into any active physicians in our practice and we stand by the certifications of patients that we have issued for medical marijuana in Massachusetts.  While we believe nurse practitioners are qualified and authorized under Massachusetts General Law to conduct certifications with a physician’s supervision, we have suspended the practice pending clarification from the Department of Public.”

The board describes summary suspension as: “If the Board determines, based on affidavits and other documentary evidence, that a physician represents a serious threat to the public health, safety or welfare, the Board may suspend the license pending a hearing on the merits.”

“Among the violations were failing to diagnose patients with a debilitating medical condition as required by law and delegating to nurse practitioners the authority to make such diagnoses,” according to the Globe.

According to The Boston Post, “The board outlines a specific instance in which a marijuana card was issued to a clinic patient under Nadolny’s authorization even though he wasn’t working that day. The board said Nadolny didn’t diagnose the patient or have a physician-patient relationship with the person.”

Massachusetts State Law holds that doctors can only issue cards “in the course of a bona fide physician-patient relationship,” which is defined under the law as “a relationship between a certifying physician (acting in the usual course of professional practice) and a patient, in which the physician has conducted a clinical visit, completed and documented a full assessment of the patient’s medical history and current medical condition, has explained the potential risks and benefits of the marijuana use, and has a role in the patient’s ongoing care and treatment.”

At $200 a card, Nadolny’s 5,792 patients would of made Canna Care Docs a whopping $1,158, 400. While Nadolny isn’t linked directly to State Trooper Clardy’s death, the investigation has really raised eye brows at what Canna Care Docs has been doing. The investigation is full force and many are wondering what will happen to the status of licenses currently held by medical marijuana patients that received care at Canna Care Docs and the overall reputation of the clinic itself for the future.

According to all news sources & our own attempts Nadolny has not been commenting on anything pertaining to this situation.  We will keep you up to date on the situation as it evolves.


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