Snoop Dogg Is Raising $25 Million For Marijuana Startups Because He’s Snoop Dogg


In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, Snoop Dogg is looking to get into the legal weed business in a big way. According to Hypebeast, Uncle Snoop is trying to capitalize on the industry’s growing profitability and hoping to bring some big money with him.

The rapper is hoping to gather a fund of $25 million USD to finance cannabis-related startups, with weed delivery service Eaze being a potential recipient. As medical and recreational marijuana legalization continues, startups within the industry is ripe for investment, and the Long Beach rapper is hoping to reap some of the inevitable profit.

Weed is a booming business, just like every pothead you know has been telling you it would be for years. In fact, last year Colorado made so much money off of weed they are probably going to have to give some back to taxpayers this year.

It only makes sense that Snoop would be involved in legal weed somehow, I’m honestly surprised it took so long.



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