U.S. Government Will No Longer Fund DEA Intervention in Medical Marijuana States


By: Bailey Rahn

Late last week, the U.S. government passed a budget bill that halts allocation of federal funds to DEA efforts in states with medical marijuana and hemp production laws.

You heard it right: the DEA will no longer be able to investigate, raid, prosecute, or incarcerate those operating within their state’s medical marijuana laws.

Although the bill also prevents Washington, D.C. from using local funds to implement their recently passed recreational cannabis legalization measure, the gravity of this historic moment cannot be understated (and we’re holding out hope that D.C.’s fight isn’t over yet!). Thank you to all of you who contacted your state representatives to show your support for this motion! In September 2015 Congress will be voting again on the federal budget, so we urge you to stay proactive and continue to put pressure your representatives throughout the development of these bills.

Cheers to you, to legalization, and to a brighter future for marijuana patients across the United States.

VIA Leafly.com


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