Brave Mykayla – Pediatric Cannabis Advocate


For one brave family, this is the motto they live by. For the past year they have been struggling in their search to cure their daughters cancer. When doctors weren’t helping, they took matters into their own hands. It is because of the hearts and minds of MyKayla’s mother and step father that she is alive and strong today. Their family sets a leading example, awakening the country to the long considered taboo of cannabis.

So far they have been victorious in the uphill journey with cancer. They are not just brave for battling their seven year old daughters cancer into a remission, but show strength in trusting themselves in their own research over conventional methods. After chemotherapy failed, they tried medicating with cannabis and saw a miraculous, instant improvement. Using cannabis took their daughter away from bone marrow transplants and into a full remission from a staggering 85% cancer cell count. Results like that are pretty hard to deny, and with physical evidence like this, it makes it hard to understand why our entire country is not considering cannabis as a viable treatment option. Call it ignorance, slander, or simple misunderstanding that keeps people in fear of cannabis; but even the federal government must see its benefits as they themselves have a patent on the plant. Some may find giving a child cannabis wrong, but when your child’s life is at stake and with results like these you can begin to see a little clearer into the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Mykayla and her family only days before their trip to Hawaii. They were full of excitement, as they were about to embark on Mykayla’s much deserved, “make a wish” vacation. Mykayla was very much your typical happy and excited little girl. Not even through her treatments did she stop smiling, in high spirits she tells me she is most excited to see the pineapple farms. Her story begins last year, July 13th, 2012.

Mykayla had been complaining of increasing pain and flu like symptoms for almost a month. Her doctors were beginning to really question why this sweet little girl was so sick. The family prepared for the worst, and when the test results came in confirming Mykayla had Acute T-cell Luekemia, they immediately they began to seek all realms of healing. They even started Mykayla on a raw, vegan diet. “Personal nutrition, herbal supplements, and always having a positive mentality were key roles in our daughters success” Brandan, who is so loving and supportive of their family, had been well knowledged in the scienctific research and medicinal properties that existed in Cannabis, and was keen to push the treatment option into light. He had helped Erin with her previous illness using this therapy will amazing results. This had allowed them to see first hand how at the very least it provides comfort and more vitality in treatment then the dozens of drugs being prescribed. They are not alone leaving cannabis to be the victor in fighting cancer, but this family firmly believes that there should be a balance between conventional and holistic medicine.

There are two approved traditional methods for treating cancer. The first is chemotherapy, and the second radiation. Both are extremely toxic to your body. As an adult, you can refuse either of these treatments but for children one of the two methods must be used. Mykaylas family chose very low dose chemotherapy. About 95% of children undergoing chemotherapy achieve remission fairly quickly. When Mykayla had been undergoing chemotherapy for almost a month with little change in her cancer counts, her family began to worry and immediately reached out towards therapies they felt more comfortable with.

The family planned from the very beginning to combat Mykaylas cancer with cannabis. They used a mixture of highly concentrated edibles, juicing, and topical treatments all prepared using organic locally grown cannabis. Instantly she was able to eat again, and her mood changed dramatically. She was happy, and always smiling. They had began this treatment without contacting their oncologist, and even with the outstanding improvements to Mykaylas counts and health the physician was extremely upset. The doctor took it as far to accuse the family of being criminals. The family switched doctors, and since could not be happier with the treatments or with Mykayla’s progress. Fortunately in Oregon it is acceptable to treat a child with cannabis so long as you have proper doctor. Studies on cannabis show it has the ability relieve pain and nausea, protects the body from some of the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, and can even eliminate cancer cells. This natural remedy is also a neuroprotectant and an antioxidant. In one week of treating their daughter with cannabis they had lowered their daughters T-cell count down to zero. A miracle. Mykayla is living proof that cannabis should qualify as part of the treatment option offered for terminal illness.

Its hard to understand why our country is ignoring cases like Mykaylas and so many others. In the near future we hope to hear more real life stories of the healing powers of cannabis. Stories like Mykaylas’s can help open closed minds on the plagued issues of cannabis. I want to thank Mykayla and her family for being so brave in sharing their experience with the world.

Erin and Brandan asked me to express that if any family is undergoing a similar situation with a loved one, that they are in full support of your struggle. Even in the states where it is illegal to medicate with cannabis, they ask that if anyone needs help or support to simply reach out to them and they will be there. You can contact them through their website On their website you can learn more about Mykayla’s story, her treatment regime, and any upcoming fundraisers for this cause.

This brave little girl and her family have been on one crazy ride since last summer, and they are still so positive and full of love. Positivity is truly magical in hard times, and it’s so inspiring to see people who are struggling still bursting with happiness and peace. They too are inspired; Mykaya’s story is only the beginning of their mission to share their journey with the globe. Why give all that effort? It challenges the minds of conventional thinkers and the limitations we have when treating the ill in our country. They are challenging the taboo of holistic medicine and conventional cancer treatments, and that alone is very powerful. This family brings major evidence in the positivity of modern medicine.

As we begin to unravel the mysteries of why our country is so plagued by illness and disease, we learn that there are other ways to medicate aside from local pharmaceuticals. Were now experiencing long term effects from harmful things like gmos, pesticides, processed foods and additives. Were prescribed drugs to remedy our illnesses, but why? Synthetic drugs are derived from plants, so why is the plant considered illegal, but man made (chemical infused) drugs are not? I want this story to inspire you all to become more aware of these rising issues, because the government is ignoring these ideas even with the obvious positive results. This plant could save hundreds of thousands of children and adults just like Mykayla, and at the very least provide comfort to someone while they undergo a very painful experience. To make a bold statement, sometimes you need to take risks. Those think outside the realm of normalcy and take risks have the power to revolutionize the world.