First Ever Marijuana Job Fair Next Thursday


Not a day goes by that a HIGH TIMES reader doesn’t ask me about how to obtain gainful employment in the marijuana industry. Knowing just how rapidly the wild west of weed is actually developing, my initial response is usually something to the effect of: Move out to Colorado and ask someone for a job. Marijuana is growing everyday… literally.

For some people, however, taking a leap into the unknown can be a frightening experience, not having any indication if there will be work available once they make the move can be a stressful affair. Well, I am pleased to report that not only are there a number of jobs currently waiting to be filled, but you can apply for them next week at the first ever Colorado cannabusiness job fair.

“CannaSearch,” which is being sponsored by O.penVAPE, is set to get underway next Thursday, showcasing 15 companies from Colorado’s budding marijuana trade who are looking to fill a variety of positions from accounting and customer service to trimmers and street team members.

“Companies will be looking for copywriters, graphic designers, tour guides, Web developers, and a ton of other mainstream jobs,” said O.penVAPE spokesperson Calisa Griffin. “We also have a few dispensaries coming out that will be looking for budtenders and trimmers so there should be something for every kind of applicant.”

For serious applicants who want to hang around all day and rub elbows with industry leaders, this is the ideal event to get your foot in the door. Major companies like Dixie Elixirs and The Hemp Connoisseur are expected to be in attendance, with each cannabusiness reportedly looking to fill at least three positions.

“CannaSearch” happens on Thursday, March 13, 2014, from 11am — 7pm (MST) at the offices of O.penVAPE located at 1058 Delaware Street — Denver, Colorado 80204. For addition information about this job fair, visit the Facebook event page.

Via High Times