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SHOCKER: Hydroponics Digital Ballasts & Comcast Almost
Got This Marijuana Grower Busted!


As a marijuana grower who just survived a scary security risk situation, I’m here to alert marijuana growers about hidden dangers that can get you busted or ripped off. The best way I can provide you this important information is to tell you what happened to me…

Back in the springtime, I looked at my security camera feed and saw a guy wearing a bright orange vest wandering around in my back yard.

I don’t allow visitors to my grow house except for two other growers I trade cannabis seeds, clones, and motherplants with. They only come over by appointment.

So this unexpected visitor in my back yard was a major trespass and cause for fear…especially because I don’t live in a medical marijuana state.

I looked at my front house remote camera feed, and saw a Comcast truck was parked in my driveway. Then I realized somebody is pounding on my front door. What a nightmare!

I have a security protocol I run at times like these; the first thing I do is pull a circuit breaker that shuts my HID lights off. Then I shut and lock the grow room door, and spray odor control in the rest of my house, being careful nobody could see me through a window.

I looked at the front door camera signal, and now there were two guys in orange vests standing on my steps pounding on my door.

I slipped out the back door, snuck around the house, came up behind the men, making them jump when I asked what they wanted.

They claimed my neighbors were having Comcast “connectivity problems,” which the techs alleged was caused by “excess voltage emanating from your house.”

I told them I too have Comcast Xfinity, and it’s working fine. I’m sorry that my neighbors are having Comcast problems, but it’s not my fault, I said. Now—please leave.

One Comcast guy got in my face. He claimed the “terms of service” of my Comcast Xfinity agreement “gives Comcast the right” to enter my house and yard “at any time.” I refused entry and told him and his buddy to leave immediately.

The next day I got a call from a “Comcast technical supervisor.” He says my Comcast service is going to be cut off (and I would be liable for a large financial penalty for “early cancelation”) unless I let him and another tech in my house.

What I didn’t know is they were calling me from right outside my house! They started pounding on my door while he was on the phone. Again I had to rush around like a crazy person shutting down everything and doing odor control to keep them from smelling my marijuana plants.

I opened the door and told them don’t go showing up at my house all of a sudden and demanding entry.

To my amazement, they pushed past me and started going around the house looking at wires and the Comcast Xfinity equipment.

I thought I was going to have to physically stop them if they got near the grow room, and I kept telling them to get out of my house, but the “supervisor” was woofing off that he detected “radio frequency interference” coming out my house and it’s messing up other peoples’ Internet, appliances, cable service, remote control devices, etc.

I told them there’s nothing wrong with any equipment in my house, and that I considered them to be trespassing. They left.

Then I called the hydroponics store and they said yes my Lumatek and Galaxy digital ballasts do put out radio frequency interference (RFI), and so do some HID bulbs. RFI interferes with electrical gear, and can be detected from outside your home.

They said you can find out if you have RFI by having an AM radio on and walking with it in and around your marijuana grow room, house, and yard. If you hear static that’s not there when your ballasts are off, the static is caused by hydroponics digital ballast RFI.

Apparently, the only hydroponics digital ballast that doesn’t have radio frequency interference is the “Baddass ballast.” Too bad I hadn’t bought that one. And I need to get some RFI-blocking grow room insulation that makes it harder if not impossible for RFI to escape my marijuana grow room.

A few days went by, and then Comcast contacted me saying they wanted to come back to my house, but I said hell no.

The next day, my Xfinity service went down. Comcast had disconnected it and charged me an early termination fee.

I later learned that Comcast has a habit of narking people out. They detect radio frequency interference, and/or they use their access to your home and yard so that they see indoor and outdoor marijuana gardens.

There are credible allegations that Comcast employees use RFI detection to tip off rippers who target marijuana grow houses for home invasion robberies. They also tip off police.

Really, I see Comcast as the Monsanto of the telecom industry. Their top CEOs get $25 million salary per year. Worse yet, Comcast bribes politicians including President Obama, so the government makes laws protecting Comcast instead of its customers.

Along with that, Comcast is one of the telecommunications corporations who cooperate with the government to illegally spy on U.S. citizens.

Because Comcast spied on me, I had to change my marijuana growing location. And I sold my two digital ballasts and got the only digital ballast that’s guaranteed by the manufacturer to have shielding that limits RFI.

My fellow marijuana growers, if you have Comcast, or hydroponics HID digital ballasts, be warned: Comcast is a corporation of narks, and some brands of HID digital ballasts send out RFI that can be detected by narks or rippers. Adjust your marijuana grow op, and your relationship with cable companies, accordingly!


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