Boston Freedom Rally 2012

Welcome to Boston! This year marks the 23rd time Boston has been host to the largest day of cannabis activism on the eastern seaboard.  In one Saturday afternoon 50,000+ of your closest friends in New England will invade the Boston Commons for a day of celebrating and renewing our faith in the cannabis movement.  Speakers, bands, vendors, activists and smokers all join for one day of unity and mass ganja smoking on the front lawn of one of America’s most historic venues.  The day is truly a sight to be seen and an event not to be missed.  It is easy to have a good time, but you have to be smart.  We have put together a quick list of rules to follow that will help make your day a success.
1.       Bring a few lighters. Don’t be that person that keeps trying to ‘borrow a lighter real quick.’ We all came here to smoke. Come prepared.
2.       If they are wearing dark shades, levis, nike sneakers with a tucked in shirt and a crew cut…..don’t smoke with them.  They will be lurking amongst us that day. Be aware and be smart. Don’t try passing your doobies to an undercover.
3.       Glass is not encouraged. However, we certainly don’t frown upon it. In fact, if you bring a rig my way and offer me a dab, that’s probably the fastest way to become friends. BUT, the cops definitely don’t like glass, they will make you break it if they see it.
4.       Bring some dough. There will be a lot of vendors there showcasing their best work.  We work our tails off to get to the Boston Freedom Rally. Help support the cannabiz movement and buy a few t-shirts or some glass from GSU.
5.       Be prepared to chill the most.  This is an all day event, so be sure to pace yourself.  We all know what happens when you smoke 3 joints, hit 5 bowls and eat 2 brownies within the first hour.  Don’t be passed out on the hill before 4:20.
6.       Come say HIGH at the Releaf booth! We get bored talking to the computer all year, we don’t get out much. Let’s burn one!
If you can’t make it, expect to hear all about it from all your friends.
This is truly the best day the east coast has to offer the cannabis world.  We hope to see you there!
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The Urban Alchemist