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Police officers outside a suburban house in Medley Street, Liverpool.

92 marijuana plants found in man’s front yard

Nearly 100 marijuana plants were found growing in a man’s yard in Knox County. The man who lived there, 42 year old James Denver Cox, then admitted they were his!

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department says an anonymous caller reported seeing marijuana growing at the home on Radford Road in Flatlick.

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Hensley responded and says he found the plants in the front yard of the trailer.

Deputy Hensley said, “upon walking up, knocked on the door, subject answered and asked how he could help me. I said, ‘I’m here to talk to you about these marijuana plants in your front yard,’ and he said, ‘oh they’re mine. I use them for myself.'”

He says the man was 42 year old James Denver Cox.

“Once I got inside, I asked him if he did have anymore, and he pointed out some drying on top of the TV and had some underneath the entertainment center,” said Hensley.

Hensley confiscated 92 plants total.

“Some of them are three to four feet tall. You can tell he grew them from seeds and has grown them for awhile,” said Hensley.

Deputy Hensley does not believe Cox planned to only use them himself.

“With 92 plants, I imagine he had other ideas,” said Hensley.

Cox is charged with felony cultivating marijuana charges. Cox turned down our request for a jailhouse interview. Due to his lengthy criminal history, he is being held without bond. He is due in court next week.


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