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Majority of Americans support marijuana

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 56% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana and the regulation of it similar to alcohol and tobacco. 36% were opposed to legalization. This comes only weeks after a poll found that 74% of Americans would like President Obama to respect state medical marijuana laws, instead of continuing his anti-marijuana crusade.

Of course, opponents still believe (laughably) that marijuana leads to aggression.

“If they had asked, ‘If you knew that a majority of homicide convicts in New York had smoked marijuana within 24 hours of their convictions, would you be in favor of legalizing it?’ they would have gotten a far different answer,” said David Evans, special adviser to the Drug Free America Foundation. “These questions are so biased and leading, it’s embarrassing.”

 Evans apparently doesn’t have much interest in causality. Did it ever occur to Mr. Evans that the homicide convicts were already violently-disposed or had a history of crime? Evan’s logic could be used to formulate an argument to again ban liquor if taken to its ultimate conclusion. Or what about crimes committed while on prescription drugs? The man’s causal reason is hilariously amateur. The last convulsions of a country heading toward marijuana legalization some time in the future.

“This is the strongest support ever recorded in favor of marijuana legalization in the U.S.,” said NORML’s Dale Gieringer. “It confirms a trend that originated in 2009, when for the first time polls began to show plurality support for legalization.”


  1. In the US alone, enforcement of cannabis prohibition costs taxpayers around $10 billion each year. If it was taxed and controlled like alcohol, cannabis sales could generate an estimated $6.2 billion in yearly tax revenue. Cannabis has also been shown to ease symptoms of people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis and many other medical issues. It has been successfully used to TREAT nausea, appetite issues, glaucoma, muscle spasms, and many other types of pain. In 2010, nearly 45,000 Americans were serving time in state and federal prisons for nonviolent cannabis possession. In that same year, over 700,000 Americans were arrested for the same crime. The estimated total cost to the taxpayers is $9,000,000,000

    The arguments for weed are endless: (1) It’s impossible to overdose and there is no hangover; (2) People don’t get violent when they are on weed like they do on alcohol; (3) Its smoke is not carcinogenic (cancer-causing) like cigarette smoke (and even if that were an issue you can eat it in brownies or use a vaporizer) (4) It’s cheaper than alcohol; (5) It’s much safer to drive on than alcohol; (6) Many successful people have smoked or still do smoked weed (many Presidents of the United States, famous scientists such as Carl Sagan, and countless musicians, writers and artists; (7) It’s not physically addictive (it’s really only addictive in the sense that fun is addictive, fun is addictive in many things besides weed), some people get addicted to television for example); (8) It’s no more of a gateway drug than alcohol (most pot smokers eventually end of quitting having over done any other drug besides alcohol).

    Thus, I think marijuana should be legalized.


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