Mitt Romney Scolds Reporter Over Marijuana Question: ‘Aren’t There Issues Of Significance?’

by Andrew Kirel

Mitt Romney became angry during an interview with Denver’s CBS affiliate Wednesday, chiding the reporter for asking questions about gay marriage and medical marijuana, blasting those issues as being insignificant.

The reporter, Shaun Boyd, asked the presumptive GOP nominee questions about same-sex marriage. Romney became visibly annoyed as Boyd pressed him with multiple questions for his distinctions between same-sex marriage and civil unions.

After a quick question on immigration, Boyd then asked Romney whether marijuana should be legalized for medical use and taxed.

A visibly agitated Romney cut the reporter off: “Aren’t there issues of significance that you’d like to talk about?”

“This is a significant issue in Colorado,” Boyd replied.

“The economy, the economy, the economy. The growth of jobs. The need to put people back to work. The challenges of Iran,” Romney scolded her. “We’ve got enormous issues that we face, but you want talk about, go ahead, you want to talk about marijuana?”

Watch the full interview here, via CBS Denver: