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Durfee High student charged in marijuana cookie incident


FALL RIVER (FOX 25 / – A student at B.M.C. Durfee High School is facing long-term suspension and drug charges after allegedly selling a marijuana-laced cookie to a classmate.

Andrew Neto, 17, is charged with possession to distribute a class D drug and possession with intent to distribute a class D drug in a school zone.

Neto was arrested after another student became ill as a result of eating the drug-infused cookie on Friday. The unidentified teen, who is a minor, told school officials that Neto had sold him the cookie.

The 17-year-old then fell subject to a backpack search during which school officials allegedly found two individually wrapped cookies. By examining the cookies, it was revealed that they were made with marijuana.

Both Neto and the other teen were suspended. Neto will face long-term suspension upon his return to school.


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