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Medical marijuana bill named in honor of Gatewood Galbraith

A bill that would make marijuana a schedule II drug, legal for doctors to prescribe, was introduced in the Kentucky State Senate last month. The bill is being titled the Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act.

Several states, including Indiana and Ohio, are currently considering legislation that would decriminalize marijuana for medical purposes. Sixteen states already have such laws in place.

Senate Bill 129, sponsored by Senator Perry B. Clark, D-Louisville, would add Kentucky to that list.

“Marijuana has positive medical benefits for patients dealing with illnesses like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS, to name a few,” Senator Clark said. “I want to allow this as another treatment option for those individuals.”

The measure would limit patients who are prescribed the drug from possessing more than five ounces per month. They could choose to fill their prescription at a board-certified pharmacy or to grow their own plants. Patients deciding to cultivate plants would be prohibited to no more than five at one time.

The state Board of Pharmacy would be required to create a supplemental-certification program for pharmacies dispensing cannabis, only available to those located in Kentucky. Also under the provisions of the bill, the drug could only be dispensed directly to the person for whom it was prescribed.
Senator Clark represents the 37th Senatorial District, which includes part of Jefferson County.


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