Has the Occupy Movement Co-opted the Medical Marijuana Issue?



By Gail Powell / Special to the OB Rag

The Occupy movement has some people thinking that the anti-Wall Street political group has co-opted the medical marijuana issue. Where once the closing of dispensaries would have incited the wrath of medical marijuana activists; now many of those same people are off doing their Occupy thing. That is not to say that the issues of the people supporting the utilization of medical marijuana is dead: it is not.

And I do not wish to make it seem that political protesters are dilettantes who jump from one exciting activity to another. But the federal pressure on the clinics that has come down from the Obama administration is a part of the bigger picture of injustice from the national level filtering malice upon the local level. The harassing of the pot clinics are but a symptom of a large national problem that the Occupy protesters have their hands full addressing–that is corruption of political officials who are not responsive to the individual citizen but to big corporations or politically influential factions.

So, as the California State Supreme Court has recently decided to take up the issue of what Prop. 215 was all about–our state legally able to utilize medicinal marijuana with a prescription–let us take comfort that help may be on the way, hopefully. Yes, the dispensary situation is dire right now but hang on!

Many Occupy activists, most especially San Diego’s own Amarillo 13 freedom fighters, have shown us the heart and soul that exists in these righteous forebears of justice and good works. I suggest that if there has been any co-opting of the marijuana issue into the Occupy movement, that it occurred naturally. Rather than focus in on one thing that is bumming people out, such as the persecutions of the dispensaries, be heartened that there exists the Occupy movement, which is working on everyone’s behalf. If activists continue to move forward on getting the Occupy word out so that citizens and voters become enlightened, a natural result of that will be to show how it is in the best interests of the public to allow those with a medical need, to utilize medical marijuana.

Stay strong, brother and sisters! We are all united in a desire to make our country more responsive to the issues at hand.