Slim chance….


Marijuana Bill heads to General Assembly

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A medical marijuana bill is scheduled to go before a Virginia House Committee Tuesday.

Northern Virginia Delegate David Englin is hoping to revitalize a 30-year-old Virginia law, which allows marijuana to be legally used for medicinal purposes.

The bill, if passed, would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for the treatment of medical conditions like cancer and glaucoma.

However, current Federal laws put marijuana in the category of highly controlled and regulated drugs. Delegate Englin’s bill would prompt Governor Bob McDonnell to ask the Federal Government to change its stance on marijuana, making it legal to prescribe everywhere.

If Governor McDonnell agrees to ask the DEA to reclassify marijuana he will join the governors of Rhode Island and Washington, who petitioned the federal agency over the Summer.

Delegate Englin says he doesn’t think there’s any chance that this bill will pass, but he thinks it’s important to start a dialogue, saying doctors, not politicians should decide what’s best for their patient


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