Ten pounds of WTF


Reefer gladness

By LAURA ITALIANO nypost.com

A photographer who shoots for Vogue, RollingStone and national brands including Lancome and Levis walked out of a Manhattan courthouse a free woman today — despite getting caught with a whopping 10 pounds of pot in her TriBeCa apartment last summer.

Lenswoman Jennifer Tzar, 45, had been charged with first degree marijuana possession back in August, after a fire broke out in an apartment near her own within her Thompson Street building.

Marshals conducting a post-fire inspection found the marijuana sitting in two open laundry bags in her bedroom and also sitting out in her kitchen.

The total weight just topped ten pounds — the legal threshold for first degree pot possession, which carries a possible sentence ranging from zero jail time to five and a half years prison. Officials with the citywide Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor didn’t charge Tzar with drug sales, as there was no actual surveillance or undercover evidence of any selling.

Under today’s sentence, Tzar — who recently photographed Bruce Springsteen and Ozzy Osbourne for upcoming album covers — is tarred with a felony record, but gets no jail, no probation, and no community service.

“I’m very relieved,” Tzar said afterward. “I’m moving more into film now, and I’m recording a record of my music now — just moving on to things that are more legal,” she said, giving a slight ironic laugh.

Defense lawyer Robert Gottlieb explained that he won his client’s cake-walk deal in part by telling officials about the Minnesota native’s “incredibly compelling story of overcoming personal obstacles.”

“Jennifer has overcome a very difficult life of physical and emotional abuse, and since her teens was her younger sisters’ protectors,” Gottlieb said, declining upon his client’s request to go into more detail.

Besides, the lawyer added, “This was a mistake, and she knows it.”


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