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Medical Marijuana boosts appetite in HIV and AIDS patients

By Maria Cendejas
Monday Jan 1, 2012 ( — A recent study by the University of California in San Diego, California and the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research about medical cannabis found that inhaled marijuana stimulated appetite hormones in adult HIV and AIDS patients, according to PRWEB.
 A San Jose Medical Marijuana boosts appetite in HIV and AIDS patientsmedical cannabis doctor’s office (420 Cannabis Evaluations Clinic), says it adds to the growing number of studies showing cannabis can help relieve the suffering of HIV and AIDS patients. Medical marijuana is allowed in California.
The double-blind cross-over study compared the effect of inhaled cannabis with that of a placebo on the appetite hormones ghrelin, leptin and PYY, and on insulin levels.
 Previous studies have noted the connection between Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and increased appetite, but this was the first study to directly examine the link between THC administration and appetite hormones.
Many studies by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research show that medicinal cannabis is an effective treatment for a number of symptoms of HIV and AIDS.
 A 2007 study found smoking marijuana had less symptoms of HIV-related peripheral neuropathy (injury to the nerves supplying hands and feet) by 34%, and a 2008 study found participants who smoked cannabis reported a 3.3 point improvement on the DDS pain scale for their painful HIV neuropathy.
The San Jose marijuana physician says cannabis offers HIV and AIDS patients a natural alternative to over the counter medicine, it helps increase appetite and relieve pain without making you weak.
People suffering from a wide range of illness including HIV and AIDS can get a recommendation for medical cannabis from a medical marijuana physician, under the law of California. First you undergo a medical marijuana evaluation.
Patients can then grow their own medicine, or obtain it from licensed cannabis clubs.
HIV and AIDS patients who feel they may benefit from the medical marijuana are encouraged to consult with the San Jose medical marijuana doctor to find out whether medical marijuana may be benefit you to get better.
The U.S federal goverment does not allow use of Medical marijuana or marijuana intended to treat disease.  Marijuana is allowed in more than 16 states to help patients with terminal diseases such as cancer and AIDS to manage pain.



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