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Upper Freehold moves to block medical marijuana growing facility

In New Jersey’s long road to becoming a medical marijuana state, it turns out that passing the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act was just the beginning. Two years later, the controversy has moved from the Statehouse in Trenton into the halls of municipal complexes, where approved medical marijuana treatment centers have encountered local resistance. On Thursday, the five-person township committee for the small, rural town of Upper Freehold, in Monmouth County, gathered at Stonebridge Middle School, in Allentown, to enact a local law that would effectively ban a proposed medical marijuana growing center in their town. The law, which passed unanimously, prevents local approval for any applications that explicitly violate federal law — which, of course, includes growing marijuana. An overwhelming majority of residents who turned out for Thursday night’s meeting were there to express, in no uncertain terms, their desire to see the proposed facility, Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center, run out of town.


  1. The prohibition of marijuana is just plain wrong on several levels. Aside from the massive cost of enforcing the laws and the use of prohibition as an excuse to erode the Bill of Rights many lives have been ruined supporting the prison for profit system and the criminal networks. It’s all about money, not the welfare of the American people.


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