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Father gives epileptic son marijuana extract

A desperate American father has been filmed giving his five-year-old son medical marijuana in a controversial new reality show about the drug.

According to the Discovery Channel program Weed Wars, father Jason has been seeking a cure for his son’s hour-long seizures, which he has been having since he was four months old.

Jayden suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome — an extreme form of epilepsy — and has not responded to traditional medicine.

“I’m not trying to get my son high,” Jason told the cameras after going to a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, California.

“I’m trying to cure my son’s seizures.”

Jason gives his son medical cannabinoid (CBD) through a dropper into his mouth.

The CBS was non-intoxicating, meaning that Jayden should not have felt any sort of side effect or “high”.

Steve DeAngelo, the CEO of Harborside Health Center, where Jason purchased the medical marijuana, said the organisation maintained a safe and legitimate environment.

“We want to make it safe, seemly and responsible,” Mr DeAngelo once wrote in the New York Times.



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