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Washington marijuana-legalization effort gains support

The Seattle Times’ online letters to the editor

Transform liquor stores into marijuana stores

The state of Washington will be out of the liquor business by June 1, 2012, and now has a fortuitous opportunity. Consider this:

Law enforcement is devoting enormous amounts of effort, manpower and funds in a largely ineffective effort to stop marijuana use. So-called medical marijuana usage has soared, public opinion is shifting toward legalizing marijuana, crime syndicates reap large profits from marijuana sales and now former U.S. Attorney John McKay has spoken strongly in favor of legalization. [“He fought pot, now leads effort to make it legal here,” page one, Nov. 17.]

The day after the liquor stores close they could reopen as marijuana stores. Nine-hundred jobs would be saved and the state would have a new generous source of income, police efforts could be redirected to better serve the public, marijuana use would be controlled and crime profits would drop.

Of course, this would require quick, innovative and decisive action by a state Legislature not known for quick, innovative and decisive action.

— Harry Petersen, Bellevue


  1. In Oregon the unrecognized fraudulently occupying tyrants recently framed Brenda Thomas ,a kind and loving Medical Cannabis provider who has helped people off their death beds and return to a clean bill of health as well as being there to comfort the terminal who are beyond repair. The tyrants actually admit publicly how they set Brenda Thomas up by implanting a corrupt district attorneys brother who has a record of preying on women and other crimes of victimization as a snitch and get this,a for profit grower who threatened Brenda Thomas when she disagreed. It’s time to demand the immediate release and full pardon of Brenda Thomas immediately along with all other political prisoners here and abroad ! The tyrants local to worldwide running the racketeer invented war mongering and prohibition double standards , Bush/Clinton/Obama/etc./ crime families terror cult ,racket ,Fast and Furious/INSLAW violence,corruption,frame ups,and all that horror are no longer recognized as anything but wanted terrorists !


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