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Cancer patient’s medical marijuana seized at airport

 marijuana terriorism. -UA

Indianapolis airport police will destroy a stash of medical marijuana that a 36-year-old breast cancer patient from California tried to bring aboard a flight yesterday.

Transportation Security Administration screeners found the marijuana in luggage after it passed through an X-ray machine at Checkpoint B of Indianapolis International Airport at 3:30 p.m., according to a police report.

The marijuana and a black pipe were found inside a pink case, police said. Screeners had searched the bag because the X-ray alarm had sounded.

Starling Wickes, 36, Van Nuys, Calif., told police she had breast cancer and showed them a medical card that confirmed that she was prescribed marijuana.

But authorities told her that though it was legal to possess and smoke medical marijuana in California it was illegal to do so in Indiana.

They took the pipe, marijuana and glass case and plan to destroy it, according to the report.

Wickes was not charged.


  1. She probably had to stand in line an hour before they made the big discovery. I’m surprised they didn’t detain her long enough to miss her flight.
    Although the TSA is a federal organization, is the Indiana airport federal property? Why does federal law depend on the location of the “offense”.
    The TSA is one more layer of bureaucracy Ronald Regan fought hard against.
    G.W. Bush pushed through the Patriot Act, and citizens give rights away, one by one.
    Today’s youth will never experience freedom… they will be taught they live free, and terrorists hate them because they are free.
    They hate the US because their countries were invaded and children killed died to keep oil flowing to the US.
    The TSA keeps US citizens in check by terrorizing them, and little to stop those who would harm those citizens.
    They keep us safe from weed, cigarette lighters and nail clippers.


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