Another blow for MMMJ


Patients, Advocates, and Friends –

Bad news. We’ve had another rollback for safe access – this time in Michigan. A terrible ruling just came out of a Michigan Appellate Court, stating that dispensaries are not legal under Michigan’s medical cannabis law. This ruling is a scary reflection of a trend across the nation. Efforts to scale back medical cannabis laws are happening all over the place, from California to Arizona to Rhode Island.

We need to stop this backlash against medical cannabis and push safe access forward. But we need your help to make that happen. We need to raise a lot of money to be able to rise to the occasion and effectively respond to these rollbacks across the country. Every single dollar makes a difference, and when you start a recurring donation, we know we can count on that money each month, regardless of how big or small the amount is.

The ruling in Michigan says exchange of medicine for money is not legal under Michigan’s law, even among patients. This means that patients must grow their own cannabis in order to legally obtain the medicine that gives them relief. Sick and dying patients often do not have the energy or resources to grow their own medicine, forcing them to use the black market and risk arrest.

ASA is dedicated to fighting back against this, and other, bad rulings. We know safe access is integral to an effective medical cannabis law. We know the fight doesn’t stop after a law’s been passed. We know patients need a legal distribution system to be fully protected. We’ll work tirelessly to change the situation in Michigan and across the nation, but we rely on individual donations to do this.

Your generosity keeps ASA alive and growing. Every little bit helps. Can you donate $35, $50, $100, or even just $5 to help ASA push against these rollbacks?

Thank you for all you have done and will do in this fight. Until there is safe access, we are Americans for Safe Access.


Steph Sherer

Executive Director



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