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Medical marijuana clubs under fire from AG

Hey Tom Horne: Take your hand out of the pot. Literally. -UA 8/9

Arizona’s Attorney General has launched another legal battle over medical marijuana.

Tom Horne intends to shut down groups he believes have been illegally providing medical marijuana to patients with cancer and other diseases.

To that end Horne today filed suit, seeking to stop so-called “Cannibis Clubs” from giving marijuana to patients for a “membership fee.”

“It is legal if you’re a card holder to give marijuana to another card holder without compensation but it’s not legal if there are fees involved.  With the five clubs there are fees involved,” said Attorney General Tom Horne.  “Rather than having them arrested right away, I’m taking a softer approach.  We’re going to court to ask for a judgment of the court saying that they can’t do this and if the court agrees with us and they continue doing it than they would be subject to arrest.”

“Mr. Horne says there’s nothing in the law that says we can do this I gotta go back to Mr. Horne tell him there’s nothing in the law that says we can not,” said medical marijuana advocate Allan Sobol. “The 2811 club does not distribute marijuana.  We don’t sell it here, we don’t give it away here.  We just allow qualified patients to come in here and exchange the marijuana amongst themselves, which I believe is in full compliance with state law.”

Arizona’s recently passed medical marijuana law is in disarray after Horne sued the federal government in May to find out whether state regulators could face prosecution.

That action essentially put the medical marijuana law on hold, although the state still is handing out medical marijuana cards to patients with qualifying diseases.


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