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Missoula student pleads guilty to providing pot-laced butter for cookies

Aug 9 Irina Cates (KPAX News)

Why are things so crazy in Montana? -UA

MISSOULA – A Willard High School student plead guilty to providing marijuana-laced butter to a 14-year-old to make cookies. Tyler Pyle is facing a criminal distribution of dangerous drugs charge.

Prosecutors say deputies responded to DeSmet School for a group of 8th graders eating marijuana-laced cookies. A teacher at the school told deputies she saw the group of students acting “spaced out.”

The school searched a 14-year-old student’s locker and seized the cookies. The student said she texted Pyle and asked for the marijuana butter, which he later gave to her. Prosecutors say Pyle was a medical marijuana patient.

In court Tuesday afternoon, Pyle told the judge he gave the girl the butter because he thought it was for her sick mom.

He will be sentenced in September.


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